Transfer of the sentenced person

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General Situation: The development of the system of transference of the condemned criminal started in recent years in China, but its effect has been emphasized by China as well as affiliated countries. For the country where the criminal is sentenced, if the criminal with foreign nationality is imprisoned in its territory, he will be bothered by language, habit of life, material treatment and the gulf of cultures, while transferring the criminal to the country of his own for the imprisonment avoids many inconveniences as well as safeguards both the power of jurisdiction of the country and the effectiveness of the criminal judgment; for the country where the judgment is enforced, transferring the citizen who committed crimes abroad to the domestic country for the imprisonment helps realize the protection for its citizens; for the criminal himself, being imprisonment in familiar and accustomed social environment helps to accept education and reformation as well as return to social life as soon as possible out of the prison. Therefore, the transference of the condemned criminal not only more conforms to the principle of the aim of penalty and humanism advocated by the modern criminal policy, but also more fully embodies the mutual-helping and mutual benefiting spirit between countries. Accordingly, many countries cooperate in this field, and conventions, treaties as well as domestic legislations are more and more gradually in this aspect.

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