Criminal Judicial Assistance

General Situation


in judicial assistance treaties concluded with foreign countries, the scope of criminal judicial assistance is limited to actions affiliated to serving writs and investigating evidence during criminal procedure. Specifically, prescribed generally in treaties only include: according to requests, two parties of the treaty serve the other's judicial documents and unjudicial documents, and listen to the statement of litigants and criminal suspects, and inquire of witnesses, victims and identifiers, and identify, examine and investigate, as well as collect other evidences. In addition, informing results of criminal actions mutually, and transferring the filthy lucre and stolen goods, as well as transference of criminal actions are prescribed clearly in some treaties. But the service of documents as well as the investigation and collecting evidence are the main ways of criminal judicial assistance prescribed in concluded treaties of China.


At present, 13 countries which have concluded criminal judicial assistance with China include France, Bulgaria, Estonia, Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, Philippine, Canada, Colombia, America, Tunis, South Africa and Brazil.



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