VII. Legal Education and Judiciary Examinations

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  In 2002, "Lawyer Qualification Examination", "Primary Judge Qualification Examination" and "Primary Procurator Qualification Examinations" are combined together to the National Judiciary Examinations. The candidate should have at least a Bachelor degree, with no other restriction on work and specialties.


  The judiciary examination has a close relationship to the legal education, as a legal qualifications examination. The establishment of the national judiciary examinations was founded upon the legal education development. A healthy and maturing legal education system is the presupposition of national judiciary examination development, and verse versa. In order to construct the socialistic judiciary country, most legal experts deem that a positive exchanging connection should be established between the national judiciary examinations and the legal education.


  Besides, there are some scholar shows their worry. Prof. Zeng Lingliang, Dean of the Law School, Wuhan University, once indicated the urgency of the reform in legal education and culture system. He indicated that in order to ensure the quality of legal personnel, the reform in the economics, social and legal construction development after the entrance of WTO is the only way.



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