III. Mission for legal education

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  According to the "Notions for strengthen the universities undergraduates teaching activities and promote the teaching qualities" from the Ministry of Education, August 2001. The undergraduate education is the fundamental and majority of higher education, while the teaching activities are always the central work of universities. To draw up the undergraduate education is the keystone for the promotion of higher education quality. The education objective for the undergraduates is to cultivate the socialistic legal talents for the country. These educations are not common but professional, which are founded upon the common contents, with their qualities evaluated by both common and professional standards.


  More than the undergraduate educations, in a wider way, the objectives of legal education consist of two things: one is to cultivate the newcomers for the legal industry; the other is to provide knowledgeable and conscious legal practice training for the majorities of the society.


  Besides, alternative legal education aims were set as the "legal elite education" and "legal professional education". That means the national legal education should break through its academic style, and shift its emphasis to the essential education and professional education. Meanwhile, other foreign legal education mode is worth to be introduced as reference (such as the Japanese "Legal Professional Elites" education mode). The education inclination to the legal elites could be recognized, also. The education mission should be orientated to cultivate the legal talents, who are adapting to the social economic, political and cultural satiation, devote themselves into the stringent legal and scientific practice to show their tactful manipulation of the sophisticated contradiction.



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