II. History of legal education

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  1. Ancient times: The national civil legal education budded in the Spring and Autumn Periods. The official legal education commenced in the Three Kingdoms, which set up the Bachelor of Law and Doctor of Law. The prototype of legal education was established in Tang Dynasty.


  2. Emergence of modern China: The legal education displayed its co-existence between the politics and legal institutes and the law departments in comprehensive universities. The mission of legal education was to cultivate the students to senior officials. The system imitated the Japanese legal education mode, with distinct colonial and semi-colonial characteristics.


  3. Republican China: To cultivate lawyers and high officials had become the legal education objective, which followed the trends in United Kingdoms and United States as the professional education. Meanwhile, there was a combination of legal education facilities between the public and the privates.


  4. Republic of China (Consolidation under the Guomindang): Legal education was closely integrated with the legal professions. The education program structure was emphasized and optimized, as the Japan, UK and US did. There were many impact academic productions at that time.


  5. People's Republic of China: In 1950', education was dominated by the soviet mode. Soviet constitution laws were taught, while the national legal education faded. Only Peking University, Jinlin University and Hubei Law College remained before the Culture Revolution., while other law schools and departments were combined or repealed or restricted to teach policies solely. The 3rd Session of 11th National People Congress rescued the national legal science and legal education. Political and legal institutes and law departments in universities revived from 1977 to 1984. A series of legal education textbooks were compiled from 1984-1987. Some legal researchers came back, and published their monographs. The national legal education underwent a great development since 1993.



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