Peking University Law School

  Peking University Law School was founded on June 26th, 1999, with its predecessor of Peking University Department of Law, early established in 1904. It has the longest history in national legal education.


  Peking University Law School has many internationally famous scholars and 21st century youth teaching and research cadre man, among whom 35 are professors (29 engaged and 5 gusted tutors of doctor student,), 32 associate professors, 12 lecturers, 23 auxiliary and administration faculties. They play a special important role in national legal education, legal research, legislation and judiciary implementation.


  The Law School has first class legal discipline to grant doctor's degree and post-doctor station, as well as 10 master's program. There are 217 doctor students, 1128 master students, 704 undergraduate students, 58 second bachelor degree students in Intellectual Property Law, 1200 part-time master degree applications in continued education, and 340 undergraduates and master students co-educated with the Hong Kong Shu Yan College. It also cultivated 17044 orientation-predefined college-to-undergraduate students, who worked in the Supreme People's Courts and the Supreme People's Procuratorate. In June 1995, the Law School established the first Institute of Intellectual Property, which admits the second bachelor and master degree student national wide. Also the Law School has 107 foreign students around the world.


  There are four key disciplines at the national level in the Law School, which are jurisprudence, constitution and administration law, economic law, and criminal law.


  Besides, the Law School has strong competitive teaching and research force in international law, civil and commercial law, litigation law, legal history and environmental law.


  Peking University Law School is making great efforts to become the first class law school in the world.


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