IV. the third five-year legal publicity education work(1996-2000)

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  The third five-year legal publicity emphasized the leaders learning the law and work of governance based on law, gave prominence to combining the learning and using and legal publicity. The third-five year legal publicity education work implemented under the great background of the Total Secretary Jiang Zemin putting forward to governing the country by law and constructing the socialist rule-by-law country, on the foundation of 10-year legal publicity education. On February 8, 1996 Total Secretary of Jiang Zemin delivered the important talk about governing the country by law when the Central Committee of CPC holding the legal lecture, he emphasized " That strengthening the socialist legal construction, governing the country by law, is the importance component of Deng Xiaoping's constructing the Chinese features socialism theories, is important policy of our party and governments governing the national and social business." " Insisting that governing the country by law, an important aspect is to improve the legal consciousness and idea of large cadres and crowd continuously.ˇ-ˇ-We must insist on doing the legal publicity education work well at the same time of making the good lawmaking unremittingly." The important talk of Jiang Zemin comrade established the solid thought foundation for the smooth start of "3*5" program.


  On April 18 in 1996, the Central Committee of CPC and State Council transmitted thewith [1996] No.9 document. On April 26, Secretary of Justice Xiao Yang entrusted by State Council to make the report of applying National People's Congress to review the bill of< the Decision concerning the Legal Publicity Education (draft) >, May 15, the 19th meeting of Standing Committee of the eighth NPC passed < the decision concerning continuing to carry on legal publicity education >, the two outlining documents of the "3*5"legal publicity appeared smoothly. From June 17 to 20, 1996 the CPD and Ministry of Justice convened the fourth national legal publicity education work conference in Peking. The leaders charging legal publicity and the leaders of party committee publicity department, bureau of justice, the leading team office of legal publicity and governance based on law of each province, autonomous region, municipalities; the publicity department leads of Central Affiliated Organ Work Committee and the Central National Organ work Committee; the leaders of each ministry, committee, office, bureau of the central and national organs charging the legal publicity education work; the PLA and the Armed Police Troops representatives; the partial advanced units of "2*5" legal dissemination and advanced personal representatives more than 400 persons attended the meeting. The meeting carried on the summary to the implement circumstance of "2*5" program on the foundation of studying the Central No.9 document and the NPC 's decision, communicated experience, awarded the advanced, carried on overall deployment to"3*5" program, which symbolized that the "3*5" legal dissemination work started formally within the scope of whole nation. Till the end of t October of 1996, 30 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and Xinjiang production and construction corps all had already convened the legal publicity education working conference, enacted the "3*5" legal publicity education programming, 30 province, autonomous regions, municipalities made the decision concerning "3*5" program. To the end of the year, the national legal publicity office carried on examining and keeping on record to"3*5" programming of each section or system that 104 central and national organs reported, this indicated that "3*5" legal publicity starting work had already completed in the whole country.


  From the "3*5" legal publicity start, under the push of the Central held the legal lectures many times continuously, the national all levels leaders learning the law had already come in to the fever, and became normalization and institutionalization gradually. From the first time legal lecture in December of 1994 to 2000, the Central had already held continuously 11 times legal lectures totally, heard respectively concerning < Legal System of International Commercial or Trading and GATT>, < The Socialism Market Economy Legal System > , < The Theoretical and Practising Problems of Governing the Country by Law> , < The function of the International Law in the International Relations > , < " One State, Two Systems" and Fundamental Law of Hong Kong > , < The Science and Technology Progress and the Legal System Construction > , < Financial Safety and Legal System Construction > , < The Society Security and Legal System Construction > , < Guaranteeing and Promoting the Reform ,Stabilization and Development of the Village by Law > , < Guaranteeing and Promoting the Reform and Development of the State-owned Enterprise by Law > , < the legal Guarantee of Developing the West and Midwest Development > etc. legal lectures. Each lecture, the Total Secretary Jiang Zemin all presided and delivered an important talk in person. The Central Committee of CPC held the legal lectures continuously, exerted huge function to push the legal publicity work completely and thoroughly and the all levels leaders and cadres to learning law. At the same time, with Jiang Zemin comrade as the core of the third generation leaders valued the all levels cadres's learning law work, On October 10, 1996 each newspaper and magazine full text published < the All Levels Leaders Must Study Hard the Legal Knowledge >, the preface written by Jiang Zemin comrade for the book as the "3*5" legal publicity cadres reading book, which caused the strong echo of the society. On October 24, the COD and CPD, Ministry of Justice convened the issue ceremony of < the Basic Knowledge of the Socialism Legal System Construction >. On November 12, the COD and CPD, Ministry of Justice sent out < the Notice Concerning Organizing the Large Cadres to Study Socialism Legal Knowledge >, promoted the all levels leaders to study the legal knowledge more, the book issued near to 4,000,000 volumes, obtained the good education result. The most provinces held more than once the legal lecture for the leaders, many regions still built up the central team learning the law system, legal knowledge lecture system and the legal knowledge training, examination and checking system for the leaders. The Shanxi province in the work of governing province by law, increased the strength to leaders learning the law examination, the legal dissemination and governance based on law office enacted< the Opinion concerning Establishing the Examination and Checking System, Pushing the Work of Leaders Learning and Using the Law to Develop Thoroughly >, further perfected the leaders learning the law examination and checking system. Qing hai province put forward to build up the system of public official learning the law definitely. Shandong, Hunan, Shanghai etc. practised the legal dissemination checking and qualified certificate system in whole province leaders. The province of Jilin practised learning law credit system in leaders. He bei, Ning xia, Jiang xi, Liao ning, Shan xi, An hui, Gan su , Yun nan, Hu bei etc. provinces and some cities such as Benxi etc. even enacted the legal publicity education regulation successively, making the legal publicity education work step to legalization orbit.


  At the "3*5" periods, tightly around the center work of the party and nation, we developed the pertinency legal publicity education work. We edited and published successively < the Question and Answer of Legal Knowledge concerning Supporting the Social Stabilization >, < the Picture Volume of Exposing and Criticizing " Falun Gong" by Law >,< Banning the Evil Religion Organization by law and Keeping Away or Punishing the Evil Religion Activity >,< the Collected Materials of Educating and Transforming the" Falun Gong " Practicers > etc. books, developed the very important legal education and lead function in supporting the society stability . Through combining the fact, doing a lot of thinking actively, creatively doing work, many places groped many new roads to carry on legal publicity education work under new situations. "the law goes to the countries"," the law enters families" activity in the grass-root country and community ;In " the law enters the temples"," governing the temple by law" activity in the religious concentrated region; " supporting the army by the law " activity in that the army and people constructed together; " the right protection post " activity in preventing the minor from crime work ; legal system night school and"3*a" activity( learning a legal dissemination reading book, attending a legal dissemination examination, delivering a qualified certificate of legal dissemination) in the province that mass labours get together ,produced the extensive society influence. More than ten provinces of Jiangsu, Jiangsu, Hubei, Hunan etc organized "3*5" legal publicity knowledge contests that had million citizens attended, Shanghai City held the influential constitution publicity week activity continuously for 11 years. In 1999, the Central Synthesis Governing office, the Communist League Central, Judiciary etc. concerned departments held together < For the Tomorrow > large exhibition, and collected the excellent song that shaping teenager's thoughts and feelings and benefiting teenager grew up healthily etc, all caused the whole society to concern the work of legal education to teenager more.


  At the "3*5" periods, the all levels broadcasting station, television station one after another started the legal column special subject program, having become the indispensable legal mental food of the large television audience. The judging activities of " The Gold Sword Prize" organized every two years by Ministry of Justice and National Broadcasting bureau and the" Good Legal News " organized by Ministry of Justice and the national legal press association, promoting the prosperity of creating the legal literature and legal news actively. Currently, there are more than 20 the professional legal literature groups in the whole country and more than 5,000 the amateur legal literature groups. In Shangqiu City of Henan province, " a small brigade of the old people legal publicity" has already insisted for more than ten years. These legal literature publicity troops with the art form that crowd is pleased to enjoy are active to make the legal knowledge widely available at the grass-root perennially, with the teaching in joy, with the law in feeling, the publicity result is very obviously. The modern medias exert more and more important function in legal publicity education especially. The on-line legal publicity made good gradually, " Chinese legal publicity net " charged by the Ministry of Justice relies on the Legal Daily has already launched lately. These publicity forms and battlefields extended the legal publicity influence consumedly. A troop of the full-time and part-time legal system publicity members with the higher legal character particularly, has already come in to being, the national total number attain more than 700,000,000. There are 25 provinces, autonomous regions establishing the province-level legal publicity lecturer regiment, with more than 700 members, bureau-level and county-level also established lecturer regiment with more than 61000 members, to provide the high character preach troops for the "3*5" legal publicity education smoothly. At the same time, the all levels party school, regiment school, night school also become the important battlefield of the legal publicity education.


  At the "3*5" period insisting that combining the legal education with legal practice together, the work of governance based on law obtained the breakthrough, whole societies further raised the understanding of governance based on law, especially the history responsibility sense of the all levels local authorities of justice administration further strengthened. The fundamental thinking way of governance based on law also became more definite, the national legal publicity office put forward to commence from the three great projects, boosting thoroughly the work. The three great project, namely: the foundation project of the grass-root governance based on law with governing the village, the factory, the school and community by law as the emphasis, the local principal project of governance based on law with governing the county and the city as the emphasis and the profession project of governance based on law. The appearance of three great project provided the definite target and path for the whole country .In April 1997, CPD and the Ministry of Justice convened the fourth experience exchange meeting of whole country learning, using the law and governing city by law, the meeting summarized the work experience of the decade in Liuzhou city Guangxi province, deploying the work mission of governance based on law from now on, summarized the development circumstance in the whole country. According to the statistic, Till the end of the month of 1997, there were already 12 provinces, cities in the whole country, 29 regions, 185 bureau-level cities, 1686 counties and 60% of villages, factories, business enterprises developed the work of governance based on law formally. The meeting summarized and expanded the nine big types: the whole boosting experience with Jinan, Nanking as typical model, the experience of governance based on law four-item systems explored by Shenyang, Ningbo, Shijiazhuang, Changzhi and other, came in to the integrated and systematical experience system. In October 1997,the 15th national representatives congress of CPC convened successfully, the meeting ascertained definitely the fundamental policy of governing the country by law and constructing the socialist legal country of that the party led the people to govern nation. In March 1999, the third meeting of the ninth National People's Congress wrote the fundamental policy into the constitution amendment. Providing the rare development opportunity for the quick development of the whole country governing the city by law, the work of national each layer governing the city by law strided up a new step. In October 1997, the Ministry of Justice convened the whole country work symposium of governing the province by law in Zhengzhou city Henan province, convened the experience exchange meeting of the whole country learning, using the law and governance based on law in Peking in February 1999, together with Central synthesis governing office convened experience exchanges meeting of the national community governance based on law work in December 1999 in Shanghai. Making the work of governance based on law of the whole country from the province (region, municipality), city, county (district), community all had the certain work thinking way and the typical experience. Till the end of 2000,30 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities of whole country, 95% of bureau-level cities, 87% of counties (districts), 75% of grass-roots units all developed the governance based on law work, appeared the good situation of that governance based on law developed boomingly.


  The 20 years of legal publicity education was unusual, obtained the glorious achievement, under the lead, support and direct of the Central Committee of CPC, the National People's Congress, State Council and all levels Party Committees, People's Congress and Government, with the effort of each area, section, unit and the large legal publicity educator, the legal sense of large citizens strengthened obviously, the governance based on law of social various industries gained the booming development, primarily carried out the change from legal knowledge enlightening education toward improving the civil legal sense with the cadre as the emphasis, from the single legal publicity toward the whole country pushing forward the governance based on law, the legal publicity work headed for institutionalization, normalization, regularity gradually, exerted the important function in carrying out the fundamental policy of governance based on law, founded the solid foundation for entering the new century.



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