I. the legal publicity work of the justice administration organs reconstruction initial stage (1979-1984)

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  Since1979, the Ministry of Justice reconstructed, had established the legal publicity department charging the work of national legal publicity education, the work of the legal publicity education was the important function of the justice system to be included in important agenda of the all levels justice administration organs. From Ministry of Justice to province, municipal city, county or district all levels justice administration organs established the legal publicity organization. The country (town) and the city street offices, established the judicial assistants generally, one of their main function is also to charge legal publicity education. The main characteristic of the legal publicity education work at that time is under the leadership of all levels CPC and the government, the justice administration together with the Court, the Procuratorate, Public Security, Publicity, Culture, Education branch etc. tightly around the progress of central work and lawmaking work, actively developed the publicity education work of the single-item law.


  (1) Publicizing the Constitution, Criminal law, Criminal procedure law and other laws.


  On July 1,1979 The Standing committee of the fifth NPC enacted < the Criminal Law of People's Republic of China > and < the Criminal Procedure law of People's Republic of China >at the second meeting. They are the fundamental law closely related to people's fundamental interests. The central committee of CPC delivered the document particularly, requested to publicize the two laws extensively and thoroughly, making preparations for carrying out the two laws .By request of the central, the national justice administration organs publicized these laws from the second half year of 1979 to 1982. Mainly making use of various medias and the typical cases, they carried on publicity to the large party member, staff and crowd extensively and thoroughly aiming at the local actual problem at that time. The Judiciary and the Central Politics and Law Committee compiled, < the Dissemination Talk of Criminal Procedure law of People's Republic of China > together, first serialized on < People's Daily > and < Chinese Legal Daily >, then compiled to volume and then published publicly in the whole country.


  On December 4, 1982 the fifth conference of the fifth NPC passed < the Constitution of People's Republic of China>, It is the fourth constitution of new China, it symbolized the great development of socialist legal system progress of our country. The Ministry of Justice valued the publicity of the Constitution, before and after the new Constitution promulgation, sent the notice toward whole country four times continuously, to deploy and guide publicizing work.


  The national all levels justice administration organs carried large-scale publicizing constitution actions, for examples: convening the study conference, establishing the publicity station, answering the legal inquiry, exhibiting the picture, sending the publicity materials and performing the legal literature program etc. From 1979 to 1984, in addition to Constitution, Penal Code, Criminal Procedure law, we still revised and promulgated the Marriage Law, Military Service Law, Economic Contract Law, Civil Procedure Law, Forest Law, Law of National Regional Autonomy etc. When each new law was promulgated, Judiciary generally alone or with relevant branches sent the publicizing notice, to deploy and guide the publicizing work. All levels justice administration organs had done a great deal of consensus work for the implement of these laws actually.


  (2) the legal publicity work of matching restructuring the social public order and striking crime scathingly.


  In May, 1981 the Central Politics and Law Committee convened the national public order work symposium, aiming at the serious circumstance of the social public order at that time, put forward punishing the serious offenders quickly and heavily, to safeguard the social public order synthetically. According to this meeting spirit, Legal publicity work of all levels justice administration organs mainly carried on this way: One hand, strongly publicizing the three law documents of NPC of concerning punishing the serious offenders quickly and heavily ;On the other hand, matching with the relevant departments closely to educate and reclaim the large teenagers especially who broke the law slightly patiently.


  November, 1981 the Judiciary convened the legal publicity work symposium of justice administration offices (bureaus) of eight provinces and five cities in Peking, discussed the policy, mission of the legal publicity work at that time concentratively, put forward the concrete request to the legal publicity work of the next stage. This meeting was that the Ministry of Justice first-time discussed the legal publicity work specialty after its recover.


  (3) the legal publicity of striking the serious crime in economic realm


  In First half year of 1982, according to the deployment of Central Committee of CPC and State Council, carried on the struggle to serious economy crime nationwide. All levels justice administration organs matched with the struggle closely, according to the request of< Several Opinion Concerning the Current Legal Publicity Work for working well>of Ministry of Justice, concentratively publicized the relevant decisions and documents of Central Committee of CPC, National People's Congress and State Council, combining the local actual circumstance, analyzed some typical cases, awarded some positive, incorrupt, impartial models who struggle to economic crime bravely, educated and encouraged large people. The legal publicity departments of all levels justice administration organs actually became the exclusive department that was responsible for the publicizing striking the economic crime of the local committee of CPC. For example, the publicity office of Dalian City judicial bureau in province Liaoning, with the approval of party committee, became its publicity team of the striking economic crime office at the same time.



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