Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Justice and National Popularization of Legal Knowledge Office Call for further Legal Publicity of Law on Farmers’ Professional Cooperatives

    BEIJING, June 22 –Recently, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Justice and National Popularization of Legal Knowledge Office jointly issued an opinion calling for further legal publicity on Law on Farmers’ Professional Cooperatives.
    It is learned that farmers’ professional cooperatives have mushroomed across the country since Law on Farmers’ Professional Cooperatives took effect on July 1, 2007. So far the cooperatives have developed into important market bodies in rural areas, and are gradually turning into significant modern agriculture operational organizations, guiding farmers to build modern agriculture, participate in market competition home and abroad, and better organize agriculture.
    The Opinion points out that Law on Farmers’ Professional Cooperatives is a crucial constitute in the socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics, concerning the immediate interests of billions of farmers and the development of agriculture and rural economy. It is of great significance for rule of law and the development of farmers’ professional cooperatives to further promote legal publicity of this law so as to make it widely known and employed by farmers and cadres, to strengthen farmers’ team work spirit and their awareness to run the cooperatives according to law, and to intensify cadres’ initiatives to support and propel the development of farmers’ professional cooperatives.

    The Opinion states that the legal publicity of Law on Farmers’ Professional Cooperatives should be closely related with the spirit of the third plenary session of the seventeenth CPCCC, the generalization of supporting policies for the development of Farmers’ Professional Cooperatives, and the dissemination of good practices and advanced deeds. It should be concise and precise to enable the entire society to better understand the legislation spirit, major content and matching measures of this law so as to further consolidate the foundation of law enforcement. The legal publicity should guide the cooperatives to follow the decisions of the third plenary session of the seventeenth CPCCC and relative laws, take farmers as the major party, serve the members and seek their common interests, stick to voluntary and open membership and give the farmers free choices, adhere to the nature of mutual assistance and benefit all the members, uphold equality among members and have democratic management so as to prevent the organization to be controlled and monopolized by a few and be reduced to profit-seeking tools. The legal publicity should guide governments and departments at all levels to firmly believe that to help farmers’ professional cooperatives is to help agriculture and farmers. Farmers’ professional cooperatives should play a full role in modern agriculture system building, agricultural technology extension, new socialized service system, modern agriculture industry system and production and operation system. Governments and departments should continue to strengthen support and upgrade assistance methods for agriculture, carry out supporting policies in terms of finance and taxation, promote farmers’ professional cooperatives to develop into modern agriculture operation organizations and guide farmers to  participate in domestic and international market competition.

    The Opinion requests that agricultural administrative departments, judicial administrative organs and law generalization and rule of law departments at all levels should prioritize legal publicity of Law on Farmers’ Professional Cooperatives, strengthen their leaderships, organize overall plans, and provide a strong guarantee for the dissemination of legal knowledge. A coordination working mechanism should be established and improved for liaison, comprehensive arrangement and mutual support in terms of human resources, materials and finances. The legal publicity of Law on Farmers’ Professional Cooperatives should be listed as a major task of rural law generalization and centralized education and training programs should be organized for leaders and cadres. An evaluation mechanism should be set up in order to intensify supervision and prompt cadres to take initiatives to grasp relative legal knowledge and use them to guide the cooperatives. 
    The Opinion stresses that grass-root propagandists should be mobilized to regularly issue legal publicity posters to explain vividly the background and purposes of the legislation and relative legal interpretations. Well-received publicity styles should be adopted and the “Six Entries of Law” should be added in the generalization. Brochures, banners, slogans, bulletins, art programs, lectures on laws, legal consultations, contests on legal knowledge, broadcasting, television, publications, internet, SMS, remote education, etc. could be deployed to form a multi-dimensional legal publicity framework. From 2009 on, the first Saturday every July will be fixed as the legal publicity day for farmers’ professional cooperatives, and dedicated activities should be organized across the country so as to build a favorable environment for this day and for the implementation of Law on Farmers’ Professional Cooperatives as well.(Source:

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