Introduction of Legal Aid Center of the Ministry of Justice

        Legal Aid Center of the Ministry of Justice was established on December 18, 1996,with its ceremony opened in the People's Great Hall on May 26, 1997. General office, department of business, department of research, training department, department of publicity are set up in the center. According to Decision of Ministry of Justice on further Define the Function of Legal Aid Center,Legal Aid Center of the Ministry of Justice which under the leadership of Ministry of Justice specifically directs and supervises legal aid work nationwide on behalf of Ministry of Justice, performs the following function:

1.Studying and drafting the policies, laws, regulations, rules and regulatory documents relevant to legal aid work;

2.directing and supervising local legal aid work and its conduction;

3.organizing and publicizing legal aid system ;

4.managing legal aid fund;

5.organizing legal aid system and theory research;

6.organizing the foreign intercourse and cooperation of legal aid work;

7.conducting other relevant matters delivered by Ministry of Justice.


        director: Deng Jiaming
       vice director: Wang Junyi Sang Ning

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