At present, the legal service market in our country totally includes three parts: lawyer's service, notary's service and people's conciliation.


  Among them, lawyer's service has got speeding development since reform and openness. Since the lawyer's system has been recovered in 1979, China has made great achievements in the development of lawyer's career. The lawyers team grows more and more in strength, there has been 123855 licensing lawyers by the end of 2002, a professional group of lawyers possessing high quality has basically formed; The organizations in which lawyers practice become more and more, the level of specialization and scale is gradually strengthening; Laws, regulations and rules were gradually formulated, and a system has been basically formed; The scope of lawyer's business gradually extending, and has made great contributions for promoting economic construction, maintaining social stability, protecting citizens' human rights and other lawful rights and interests, and pushing the process of rule by law. Now, our country has stepped into a new developing stage of building well-off prosperous and secure society, boosting the construction of social modernizations. In a new historical period of time, the reform of economic construction and economic system, gradual perfection of social market system will make lawyers' activity space further extended; The development of socialist democratic politics, the construction of socialist political civilization and deepening of reform of governmental organs will give a new opportunity for lawyers to play functionary role. Rule by law, completing legal systems with Chinese characteristics, pushing the reform of judicial systems, respecting and protecting human rights will give lawyers heavier social responsibility and more important historical mission; The development of science, education, culture, sports, health and other careers will in a greater degree enrich and broaden the content of practice by lawyers. All of these provides a vast stage for Chinese lawyers to exhibit their skills and exert their functions of legal service, also endows Chinese lawyers with much harder historical tasks and era mission. Facing a higher, newer and stronger requirement raised by more and more quickening process of China's economy stepping into globalization, facing more and more intensive competition in legal service market since China's entry into WTO, we must have a clear-headed knowledge that there still exists scarceness, and that we should try to improve our service level to meet and greet the challenge brought to us by globalization.


  Notary is a kind of state certificate activity that a state notary office, upon the application of a party, in accordance with law, prove the truthfulness and legality of legal acts, documents and facts with legal meaning to protect public property and protect personal and property rights and lawful rights. Since more than 20 years after the recovery of China's notary system, there has got great development in China's notary career, the most audio-visual expression lies in: notary offices increasing, team of notaries growing in strength and basic quality of licensors universally improving, the more important one is, the practice activities has already infiltrated into every field of our country such as society governing, economic life, civil contact. Notary legal system plays a leading role in maintaining social stability and economic security.


  However, our country is in a era of track- transferring of economy and style-transferring of society, great changes have happened in economic basis and social environments which were established in planned economic times and where notary system replied and developed, so it is very necessary to reposition the notary system, and build a wholly new idea, system and practice norm. Obviously, nowadays theory and practice is far behind of the social environments that notary is serving, is seriously confining its playing the social functionary role. Widening and standardizing of notary legal service has become a topic of notary trade in a certain period of time in future.



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