National Conference on the Building of Judicial Administrative Stations requires the development of intrinsic quality and external image by centering around the construction of standardization
41,000 judicial administrative stations across China resolved more than 3.1 million conflicts and disputes in the first half of 2009
Wu Aiying speaks at the National Conference of Experience Sharing on Leading Carders’ Learning and Applying Law
The Conference Calls on the leaders to improve their governing capacity in accordance with law
China hardens line on corruption
CPC, gov't bodies rely more on law to solve troubles
Thematic Forum held by Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Commerce and National Popularization of Legal Knowledge Office
All China Lawyers Association launches guiding opinions to encourage lawyers to serve agriculture, rural areas and farmers
Law generalization seminar jointly held by Ministry of Justice and State Intellectual Property Office
Han Henglin met the delegation of Vietnam`s Central Anticorruption Steering Committee
In the public interest
China launches new round of crackdown on "small coffers"
Chinese gov't buys auctioned letters of CPC founder
Poll: 85% of Chinese back gov't on flu prevention
Women may be able to work until 60
No martial law in Lhasa on "special" days
China, EU found first joint law school
China sets new standards for dairy industry
China to Strengthen Macro Control to Prevent Economy from Overheating

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