·National Conference on the Building of Judicial Administrative Stations requires the development of intrinsic quality and external image by centering around the construction of standardization
·41,000 judicial administrative stations across China resolved more than 3.1 million conflicts and disputes in the first half of 2009
·Wu Aiying speaks at the National Conference of Experience Sharing on Leading Carders’ Learning and Applying Law
The Conference Calls on the leaders to improve their governing capacity in accordance with law
·China hardens line on corruption
·CPC, gov't bodies rely more on law to solve troubles
·Thematic Forum held by Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Commerce and National Popularization of Legal Knowledge Office
·All China Lawyers Association launches guiding opinions to encourage lawyers to serve agriculture, rural areas and farmers
·Law generalization seminar jointly held by Ministry of Justice and State Intellectual Property Office
·Han Henglin met the delegation of Vietnam`s Central Anticorruption Steering Committee
· Ministry of Justice drafting implementation measures of community correction
·Death penalty to be strictly controlled and prudently applied in China
·Chinese official hails nation's first human rights action plan
·National Human Rights Action Plan of China(2009-2010)
·Official: China stands for international cooperation to fight crime
·China investigates prison management after 15 "unnatural" deaths
·China to ratify judicial cooperation treaties with foreign countries
·Chinese senior official urges steady efforts to promote judicial reform
·Mutual judicial assistance aims at cross-Strait harmony
·China's top court issues guideline dealing with reputed trademark infringement
·Mainland, Taiwan vow co-op in fighting crimes
·Wu Aiying met Portuguese Minister of Justice,Costa
·China discloses gov't information through multiple channels in 2008
·Ministry orders prison overhaul in wake of suspicious inmate deaths
·Inmates in S China's Sichuan province will have to hit books
·China vows to curb custody deaths
·SW China province reinforces prison monitoring system after inmate
·China to take effective measures to ensure detainees' rights
·China strives to weed out judicial corruption
·China plans to improve judicial transparency by posting verdicts online
·Juvenile criminal records to be erased
·China's supreme court publishes IP rights protection guidelines
·Specialized training for 140,000 prosecutors
·China ratifies treaty on extradition with Mexico
·China ratifies civil, commercial judicial assistance treaty with Peru
·Sanlu ex-boss was aware of tainted milk
·Senior CPC leader stresses rule of law
·More employment contracts signed thanks to labor laws
·Foreign inmates revel in Shanghai prison's Christmas Eve celebration
·China ratifies judicial assistance treaty with UAE
·China drafts first law on social insurance

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