Ms Wu Aiying: wardens should adhere to the correct political direction and improve six abilities
    Baoding, June 2,2009--Today, the first training programme for the national wardens opened at the Central Institute for Correctional Police in Baoding, Hebei province. Ms Wu Aiying, Minister of Justice, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Ms Wu Aiying pointed out, according to the decision of Party in Ministry of Justice, training the national wardens by stages is an important measure for Ministry of Justice to implement the requirement of CCPCC in training the cadres on a large scale,  improving the cadres` quality and strengthening the leading group and staff of prison .   Ms Wu Aiying stressed that to be a qualified builder and defender of the socialist cause with Chinese characteristics, one needs to implement the spirit of the Seventeenth National Congress of CPC and the Third Plenary Session of Seventeenth CCPCC, to take Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of Three Represents as guide,  to further study and apply the Scientific Concept of Development, to keep the philosophy of socialist rule under law and the correct political direction, to step up efforts to improve the political and professional quality and fulfill the duty with loyalty.
    In her speech, Wu Aiying confirmed the achievements which the prisons have attained in recent years. She pointed out that, in recent years, under the correct leadership of the Party Central Committee and the State Council as well as the supports provided by Party Committees and governments at all levels, with the judicial administrative organs and the prison systems consistently focusing on the central task, serving the overall situation, fulfilling the functions conscientiously and carrying out the work smoothly, the quality of reforming and educating criminals gets further improved;  Prisons have sustained security and stability; law enforcement of the prison has become more standardized; the reform of the prison system has been implemented and the adjustment of the prison structure has made great progress; information construction of the prison has been promoted and the assurance of prison funds raised remarkably; The building of the prison’s police has been speeded up. The work of prison has made a contribution to the maintenance of the social harmony and stability and to socioeconomic development.
    Wu Aiying analysed the current situation that the prison work is now facing, and proposed a specific requirement for the wardens to bear the responsibilities and missions. She emphasized adherence to the correct political orientation all the time and promotion of six abilities. 
Keep firm to the correct political orientation all the time. Wardens must further study Marxism-Leninism,Mao Zedong Thought,Deng Xiaoping Theory and the Three Represents and apply the Scientific Concept of Development, integrating the leadership of the Party with the prison work, upholding and exercising the concept of socialist rule under law along with paramount Party’s cause, priority of people`s interest and primacy of the constitution and laws. Wardens must do anything with Party, people, law and integrity in mind, intensifying the sense of overall situation and serve the overall situation for Party and State, enhancing the awareness of responsibility and discipline, and unify the orders and prohibitions and cohere the steps to ensure the central government decrees and great decisions of the Party Central Committee and State Council putting into practice.
    Strengthen the ability of reforming and educating criminals. Weardens must adhere to the principle of " combination the punishment and reform with the purpose of educating the prisoners", regard recidivism rate among the persons released from prison as primary standard of supervision work, further correct the working guidelines of the prison, put the reform of the prisoners at the first place and continuously promote the quality of reforming and educating criminals to prevent and reduce the re-crime in a maximum. Wardens should lay much attention on promotion of morality education, legal education, cultural and technical education, correctional treatment of convicts, etc, along with the improvement of the measures of reform and education, try to make reforming and educating measures more pertinent and effective, establishing and improving the mechanism that suits to " primary standard", exploring the features and rules of reforming and educating criminals under the new circumstance, creating a new way of reforming and educating criminals and continuously improve the quality of reforming and educating criminals.
    Step  up the ability of sustaining security and stability of the prison. Strenthening the security construction of long-term mechanism, further improving the mechanism of security and stability and the mechanism of leadership responsibilty, creating an all-round and mutiple-level secure and defensive system, ensuring the security and stability of the prison, are all responsibilities for wardens to shoulder.
Promote the ability of law implementation. Firmly keeping in mind the socialist concept of rule under law,further correcting the thought of implementing the law and better understanding the question of seizing the power for who,implementing laws for who and serving for who, are the thought basis of implementing laws for people. Standardizing the law enforcement and sparing no effort to carry out the programme of special education " standardizing law enforcement, promoting justice", paying more attention to the building of law enforcement system, highlighting the problems of law enforcement that people resent, grasping the key issue and emphasis apt to happen and establishing the inner work process and responsibility system of law enforcement, are top issues to guarantee the prison work following the correct regulations and top issues to improve the standardization and public trust of the law enforcement. 
    Improve the ability of normal internal prison management. Wardens must strictly implement the prison management, further standardize the prison grassroots work, formulate a systematic, standardized, scientific and effective management procedure, highlight the management on the key issue and emphasis, strengthen the supervision and inspection and go all out to carry out the prison regulations. Wardens must intensify co-ordination of law enforcement, management and education, co-ordination of the construction on prison work, staff and protection ability, communication and co-ordination between the political and legal departments and other departments, so as to realize the comprehensive, balanced and sustainable development of the prison work.
    Enhance the ability of reform and innovation. Wardens must strengthen the sense of innovation, analyse new problems with new perspectives and new ideas to study new situation and adopt new measures to make new progress.  Stepping up the reform of the prison and accelerating the adjustment of prison layout and information construction to improve the ability of punishment and the level of implementation are also problems for us to handle. Wardens should persist in coping with things in light of actual conditions and working with a creative spirit to ensure reaching a good result.   
    Make efforts to improve the team ability. Wardens must pay more attention to the team building, uphold the democratic centralism and strengthen the unity of the leading body to play a leading role and set a good example according the Party,s spirit and the morality. To improve the political and professional quality of the prison police from every aspects, wardens should lay efforts on the team-building with the concept of building prison police according to politics, quality, discipline and preferential treatment, spare no effort on anti-corruption, create a system to punish and prevent corruption of the unit, deepen the education on anti-corruption, earnestly implement the responsibility system for improving the Party,s work style and building a clean government, tighten the restraint and supervision on using power, and intensify the investigation and punishment on violation of  law, so as to attain a further improvement in police work. Wardens should be strict with themselves, setting a good example for others on the self-discipline and subjecting to supervision from all aspects, making minds to keep the Party’s spirit and develop a good style, keeping in mind of "the two musts", taking a lead in carrying forward the tradition of hard work. With loyalty in mind, wardens should lead all the police officers to perform our duties and do a good job.  
    At last, Wu Aiying required that the leaders of departments of justice in local area should pay much attention to the prison work, laying strict requirement, strict management and strict supervision on wardens, on the other hand, giving more care to wardens and help them to settle the actual difficulties and problems,protecting and encouraging them to fulfill the missions that the Party and people assigned to them.
The opening ceremony is presided by Mr Chen Xunqiu, vice minister of justice .Li Rulin, director general of political department, attended the opening ceremony.
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